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located in the heart of Connecticut

Welcome to THE BAR[RE]! A boutique fitness studio located on Cromwell Ave. in Central CT. We are proud to offer a variety of fitness formats that are suitable for the beginner and the seasoned class goer. THE BAR[RE] prides itself on creating an inclusive and welcoming studio community. We look forward to welcoming you!


hot 11 yoga

Located just a few doors down from THE BAR[RE], Hot 11 Yoga Studio has created its home on Cromwell Ave. as the sister studio to The Barre CT. Most classes are heated to 95 degrees with state of the art infrared heating panels to warm muscles and detoxify the body.

*All class packages and memberships are valid at both studios*

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New to the studio? Take advantage of our introductory offer that is valid at both THE BAR[RE] CT x HOT 11 YOGA. See you on the mat!


    3 Classes for $30 // Expires 21 days after purchase
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • For New Clients Only



THE BAR[RE] has created a unique approach to the original barre method that allows more opportunities for the client to connect and customize throughout their class. Barre incorporates props, such as balls, bands and small hand weights to increase the intensity of the workout. Expect high repetitions of each movement to create long and lean muscles and build endurance. Our barre classes are currently offered in a full 55-minute class or a 45-minute express class. This class always ends with a short cool down to relax and recover both the mind and body. The goal of barre is to fatigue your muscles from the inside out but ultimately leave your whole self feeling rejuvenated and empowered.


THE BAR[RE] is excited to be offering various cardio formats to give you the sweat we all crave. All classes are considered all levels. Clean indoor sneakers are required for all cardio classes, other than LIIT. We ask that you change into the sneakers you plan on wearing into class in our waiting area to help keep our studio clean and safe for our barefoot classes.

BOX HIIT Introducing BOX HIIT, a  total body workout that incorporates a combination of kick boxing technique and HIIT cardio. BOX HIIT is an all levels format that begins with a short warm up followed by functional body weight exercises to raise your heart rate. Modifications will be provided and leveling up with light weights will be encouraged during each of the 6 rounds. If you're looking for a fast and effective way to squeeze in your workout, this format is for you! 

LIIT is our signature low intensity interval training format. B.LIIT is Tabata inspired, meaning exercises are performed for 8 rounds with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. This class is done entirely on your yoga mat using only your body weight. This class will help build muscle endurance, strength, and is the perfect compliment to our high intensity classes


Pop Pilates takes classical pilates to the next level by challenging students to rhythmically flow from one exercise to the next, developing a rock-solid core and leaving no muscle untouched. It is a mat-based fusion of ab-chiseling and total body defining moves choreographed to your favorite Top 40 hits


Cardio Dance - A fun way to get moving and burn calories. Dance along to music from all genres, learning simple routines that will have you working up a sweat. Class can be modified for all ability levels, from beginners to avid dancers. *Sneakers are required. Please bring your sneakers with you and change into them in our waiting area to help keep our studio floor clean for our barefoot classes*

All Levels Contemporary - 


Please contact us directly with any questions, feedback, or special requests. We'd love to hear from you! 


412 Cromwell Ave,

Rocky Hill, CT 06067


Thank you for reaching out! We'll get back to you ASAP.

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